One comment on “Maybe I think too much.

  1. These are really worthwhile questions, and there are no easy answers. Although I have not read his book, I have enjoyed some of Gladwell’s essays in the New Yorker.

    As image-makers we try to navigate a certain visual / intuitive territory, and then because of certain requirements, we must explain the imagery via words. I think there are many artists who find this process a bit awkward, and lacking in “flow”. On the other hand, expressing ourselves on a theme can offer it’s own insights, and propel us to deeper work.

    When I studied experimental theatre, our esteemed teacher would remind us that if we had a “good idea”, to toss it aside. If we paid more attention to the chance elements, and responded instinctually, then what resulted was a fresher performance.

    As to the images you posted, they stand on their own. Would their mystery be somehow diminished if they were accompanied by the “blueprints” or an artist statement? Depends on the viewer, and a number of other factors.

    Ah, this is all so complex.

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